for registration application to participate at the International Exhibition of Inventions, New Technologies, Design
„Nations Cup of young Innovators“
Under the NAME
„Step by Step to creative innovation”

(05 th – 08th may 2020)

Belgrade Application deadline 10th April, 2020

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Dear Sirs /Mdm

The largest Serbian Exhibition of inventions and new technologies has been taking place in Belgrade for 42 years in continuity. At these exhibitions were presented the first class world achievements which gave the great contribution to development of the Serbia and the World science.

The Serbian inventors are well known worldwide as the creators with rich imagination and high level of inventive ideas. In order to enrich the content of our Exhibition and to enable the inventors from other countries to present their achievements at this large manifestation of intellectual achievements, we cordially invite you to submit your registration application for participation at the 36th International Exhibition „INVENTIONS – BELGRADE 2020“, that will be held in Belgrade, Serbia.

Since March 2006., Belgrade Association of Inventors has officially become a legal member of IFIA. We invite all members of IFIA to participate in „INVENTIONS – BELGRADE 2020“ because they will have a privileged status.

Exhibitors participating for the first time at this manifestation will not have to pay the showroom space but only participation for the catalogue and jury costs, in accordance with the application conditions. From this year is officially organized presentation of young inventors, and creative people form 12. to 21. years of age. By this, young people and inventors are given chance to present ideas, inventive solutions and new technology ideas in public.

However purpose for call is to encourage young inventors and endure on way ”step by step” in the realization of new solutions from the beginning of new ideas to its realizations in final product, commercially available on market. At the ending ceremony, it will be rewarded for creative ideas that could be find in new technologies. International jury will choose for best young innovators in three categories, i.e. from 12-15 years, from 16-18 years and from 18-21 years of age.
The international jury consists of the leading experts for protection of intellectual property and the international patent rights. Every country, the participant of Exhibition, will also submit, together with the application for participation, the name of its representative for the member of the international jury.

Cordially yours,

M.Sc.Djuro Borak,B.Sc.Mech.Eng.



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